The one-stop shop for everything copyright

SIMPRO Solutions was founded with the intention to provide copyright related services to the advertising industry.

First an foremost by offering software based solutions, thereby aggregating fragmented information in a specialized asset management system, streamlining workflows, providing a knowledge base with up to date information from around the world, and  integrating with other systems through APIs.

Beyond software, we are there in person, when software reaches it’s limits…

Data Handling

Data Input
Our data handling staff is well acquainted with copyright and licensing questions, as well as having a very good understanding of the great possibilities of C-FLOW.

Consistency Check
Knowing your data to be complete and consistent is great, and gives great peace of mind. We offer consistency checks either on a regular basis, or per project.

Usage-Rights Negotiations
Negotiations can be hard and tiring, it’s sometimes easier for someone with no personal interest in the outcome to reach better results. Our specialists are well acquainted with the ins and outs of buyout negotiations, and ready to help if needed.


Up to date information
We keep all the copyright information, collected from many resources like the CPASA from South Africa, VELMA in Germany, Equity in the UK, to mention just a few, up to date at all times. This includes changed percentage values, new media channels, as well as new county specific procedures.

Over time an archive is built containing all of your projects. This is very useful, not only for obvious reasons like quick access to information from the past, another great advantage is that the accumulated learnings of the whole company are stored, and can be accessed by anyone, even if they have just recently joined.


Company specific values and rules
One field that could immensely benefit brands, is implementing their own rules and percentage values concerning usage rights payments. We are happy to assist, and bring our expertise and experience to the table, when setting up these custom tailored rules and values, which can then be implemented in C-FLOW.

Statistical Analysis
Valuable information can be gained through statistical analysis. Though the implemented API it is possible to generate meaningful statistical data from all your projects, which can then be further processed either by us, according to your needs, or within your existing systems.

Network of Specialists
We’re not saying we know everything, but we are sure we know an expert somewhere in the world, who will be able to solve your problem. That’s a promise.