M-FLOWLogo-red.pngM-FLOW monitors the usage-rights on all your digital channels (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Websites, etc…), on a global scale, thereby preventing accidental copyright infringements.

M-FLOW notifies about ending usage-rights and shows the corresponding media and channels, so that the media can be removed, or usage-rights can be renegotiated and purchased in time.

M-FLOW integrates with C-FLOW, our copyright related asset management, workflow optimization, and knowledge base tool. M-FLOW adds control over the digital channels, and increases legal security.

M-FLOW is currently in closed beta. If you are interested in joining, please drop us a line here

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All advertising materials that are suitable for digital distribution are also published on all the available free digital channels (YouTube, Facebook, web sites, Instagram, public screen, etc.), in addition to their specific paid channels (TV, Print, Banner, etc.).

So far, so good….

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§$Most of the advertising materials that are published on free digital channels are not systematically logged, and are therefore not monitored for expiring usage-rights.

Advertisers are therefor in constant danger of committing rights violations, without knowing it. And, especially, without the chance to prevent it.

Due to sheer volume, it is not possible to manually check the current online marketing materials and their usage-rights in retrospect, at least not at a reasonable cost…

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Based on the detailed usage-rights information stored in C-FLOW, our asset management software, we are able to monitor all the digital channels for our clients, using our newly developed software M-FLOW. All we need is a reference file (video).

After uploading the reference file, our systems get busy scanning the relevant channels, and comparing the reference file to the findings using complex algorithms. After some time, notifications on any impending or ongoing usage- rights violations are sent out, along with a list of media files and the respective rights information.

In a next step we can either work towards legal clarification, or make sure that the media in question is removed from all the channels.

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As mentioned, M-FLOW is currently in closed beta.

If you are interested in joining, please drop us a line at:
or call +49.40.3702 9479