C-FLOW_Wort-Klein_OnlineC-FLOW manages usage rights in a simple, fast, and secure way – on a global scale.

C-FLOW is the copyright information system for corporations, for advertising agencies, and for international media production houses.

C-FLOW combines asset management, workflow optimization, and knowledge resources, in a single, easy to use system.

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Increasing globalisation, ever-new audience-specifc channels (TVC, YouTube, Facebook etc.) and the audience’s eclectic media habits require constant adjustments to campaign strategys. Resulting in increased workload, possible single points of failure, and time to market spans.

The current fragmentation of related data, across various ad-agencies and media production companies, doesn’t make things easier – resulting in delays, data loss and tied-up resources.

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C-FLOW gives you clearly structured and comprehensive information on all of your usage rights, sorted by campaign, and presented in a timeline.

The software enables immediate access to all of your advertising materials and campaigns – across the globe – with all the associated contracts and agreements.

Additionally, you can link any kind of media (videos, images, radio spots, artwork, etc.) to the respective license. All the data and the files are available for quick and easy review, download, and forwarding – relieving everyone from tedious routine work. C-FLOW is your go-to copyright information tool.

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All involved media production companies, ad agencies or media planners transfer their campaign-related information into C-FLOW’s cloud-based data base. You decide who gets access.

As copyright related national and international rules and regulations are subject to constant change, we ensure that C-FLOW always complies with the latest frameworks. Our experts are constantly on the lookout for changes across the globe, and immediately adjust the tool’s calculation values and methods accordingly.

What’s more, the system automatically learns from each new project, thereby offering added security. So, you and your employees always have access to all relevant data – anywhere, across the globe.

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