Copyright Management – Simplified

SIMPRO Solutions simplifies the process of intellectual property (IP) management for the advertising industry.

We offer two software solutions, along with the corresponding services:

Asset Management – Workflow Optimization – Knowledge Base

Copyright Monitoring on digital channels


When it comes to handling copyrights, the current fragmentation of related data across ad-agencies and media production companies, the ever-new audience-specific channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and global campaign roll-outs can cause huge delays, legal action, and tied-up resources.

Usage-rights management in advertising is a field in dire need of professionalisation. So we set out to build two integrated software systems: C-FLOW, a specialised asset management system, and M-FLOW, a monitoring tool for digital channels.


C-FLOW provides copyright related asset management, standardized workflows and an international knowledge base. It also offers real time usage-rights checks by integrating with current DAM/MAM/CMS. C-FLOW is a rights management system which will help implement a governance strategy in this field, and mitigate compliance risks.
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M-FLOW is a unique monitoring tool for all the digital channels owned by corporations. These are the brands own YouTube channel(s), Facebook page(s), Instagram, Vimeo, etc. As well as the website(s), promotion sites, and landing pages.
Assets that are published on these channels are rarely systematically registered, and are therefore not monitored for expiring usage-rights. We make sure that no copyright violations will happen in the future!
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